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Steelseries Sensei Raw sensor: native default dpi, acceleration, polling rate

Steelseries Sensei Raw wired gaming mouse has Avago (Pixart) ADNS-9500 laser mouse sensor, which incluses sensor (30x30 Pixel Array Matrix) and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) in a single chip-on-board package. CPI range: 100-5700; CPI increments: 90cpi; Frame Rate: 11,750 fps; Image Processing: 10.8 megapixels per second. Native (default) DPI: 1600; Max tracking speed: 150 inches per second; Max Tracking Acceleration: 30G; Power Supply: 3.0 or 5.0V; Interface: 4-Wire SPI port; Lens: small factor ADNS-6190-002 lens, LED: VCSEL laser diode (832-865nm, class 1 Eye Safety), Package: 16-pin chip-on-board (COB). Connection: USB (USB Microcontroller).

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Ergonomics: Ambidextrous.

Using interpolation you can double mouse sensitivity to 11400.

16.8 million colors lighting: the wheel, the DPI indicator and the back

Polling rate: 125, 250, 500, 1000Hz

Buttons: 8: left, righ, two side buttons on each side of the mouse, scroll wheel, and a DPI switching button.

Color: Metallic

Lift off range: 1-5 mm

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