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Logitech G9X sensor review: native DPI, polling rate, acceleration

Logitech G9X mouse has a 5700dpi Avago s9500 laser sensor. On-the-fly dpi switching (Plus and Minus DPI Settings Buttons) alows to switch dpi value in the range 200-5000dpi. You can save up to five different dpi (x/y axis sensivity) settings per profile in the Logitech software (30 profiles) and Onboard Memory (5 profiles). This is a good mouse mouse for work and FFS and MMO games.
Avago s9500 is a 5700dpi laser mouse sensor, which incluses sensor and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) in a single package. DPI range: 200-5700 ; DPI increments: 50, Polling Rate: 125-1000Hz (8, 4, 2, 1ms response time); Frame Rate: 7200fps; Native (default) DPI: we didn't find any info; Max tracking speed: 165 inches per second; Max Tracking Acceleration: 30G; Interface: 4-Wire SPI port; Lens: -, LED: VCSEL laser diode (class 1 Eye Safety). Connection: USB (USB Microcontroller). 

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