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Logitech G100s G302 sensor review: native dpi, acceleration

Logitech G100S and G302 mice have a 2500-dpi optical AM010 sensor. Information about this sensor from datasheet: DPI range from 250 dpi to 2500 dpi for Logitech G100s; from 250 dpi to 4000 dpi for Logitech G302. Native (default) DPI, when mouse can reach best performance: 1000, Polling Rate: 500Hz (2 ms response time) for G100s and 1000Hz (1 ms response time) for G302, Max Tracking Acceleration: 20G; Max tracking speed: 120 inches per second (2.6 m/s).

AM010 sensor has jitter above 2000dpi. 
Logitech G302 mouse: DPI range: 240-4000; DPI increments: 80 DPI; 4 DPI presets (400/800/1760/3200), you can edit dpi settings in Logitech Software; 6 programmable buttons, one of them on-the-fly DPI switch. Ultra durable switches tested to 20 million clicks. This mouse works on all platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS and OsX and other.

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