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RIVAL 500 sensor review: native dpi, acceleration

SteelSeries RIVAL 500 gaming mouse has Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor. DPI range: 100-16,000; DPI increments: 100; Native (default) DPI: 1000; DPI presets: 500/1000/1500/2000/4000/8000/12000/16000; Max tracking speed: 300 inches per second; Max Tracking Acceleration: 50G; Max Polling Rate: 1 ms (1000 Hz); Max Frame Rate: 12,000 fps; Power supply: 1.8-2.1V. The RIVAL 500 is great for MMO's and MOBA's. 

CPI increments: 90cpi; Frame Rate: 11,750 fps; Image Processing: 10.8 megapixels per second. Native (default) DPI: 1600; Max tracking speed: 150 inches per second; Max Tracking Acceleration: 30G; Power Supply: 3.0 or 5.0V; Interface: 4-Wire SPI port; Lens: LM19-LSI, LED: VCSEL laser diode (832-865nm, class 1 Eye Safety), Package: 16-pin DIP. Connection: USB (USB Microcontroller).
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RIVAL 500 has 15 buttons. 

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