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Logitech MX300 sensor review: dpi, polling rate, acceleration

Logitech MX300 mouse has a 800dpi optical sensor. Optical sensor tracks fast, smoothly, and accurately on a wide range of surfaces. DPI presets: 400, 800 through the drivers. Image Processing: 4.7 megapixels per second. Max Tracking Acceleration: 10G. Max tracking speed: 40 IPS. Polling rate: 125, 250Hz. 

Logitech MX300 has 2 buttons and 1 scroll wheel. It works with Windows and Mac OS. Some users reported they've been using this mouse for more than 10 years for gaming, and want to get a backup.
Conection: USB, PS/2

It's an Ambidextrous mousem so it's comfortable for left and right-handed users.

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